corona blues

As we are bombarded with overwhelming information about the virus’s growth every hour, it’s important for us to take time every day to check in with our emotions. Let this curated playlist, Corona Blues, take you on a journey of self-reflection, allowing you to take a moment to process how you’ve been feeling during this recent pause on life. When the news of the pandemic’s urgency first broke, my friends and I, like many others, were heartbroken. Worried about sustaining our friendships from hundreds of miles away; devastated that our freshman year of college had been cut short. Saying goodbye is never easy especially when adjusting to a mysterious new reality that even our “trusted” government doesn’t seem to have any control over. 

After hearing that we were being forced to leave the dorms, the place that we called home for the last six months, the emotions really began to sink in. We felt like we had gotten such a bittersweet sense of freedom only to return to the constraints of our home lives for who knows how long. It felt like a tease. After we checked our privilege and recognized how trivial our worries were compared to the majority of America’s, we stopped feeling sorry for ourselves and realized that we could use this break as a reset on life, beginning to appreciate the positive effects of having so much free time at home. Personally, I found reassurance in the idea that I would finally have time to learn the guitar and spend more time with my family. I realized that this hiatus could be really beneficial to my personal growth.

But who was I kidding? It’s the third week of my quarantine and I haven’t picked up the guitar once. Like every other sensible human being, I have locked myself inside since I’ve arrived home. All I do is eat and go on zoom, so the Corona 15 is coming on strong and there’s no stopping her. I’m tired of going on walks with my mom (sorry Thelma I still love you) and writing emails to my professors saying things like, “I hope you’re doing well during this chaotic time”. To say the least, like everyone else, I am bored and frustrated with our failed government. So, here’s a playlist to cry to when you’re feeling sad about missing your friends and all the memories that never had the chance to be made.

Stay up to date on covid-19 by regularly checking the Center for Disease Control and/or the World Health Organization.

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