Leather Wings

I’ve always liked the night more than the day.

Batman more than Superman.

Joy Division more than New Order.

When Jose asked me to work on this blog, and by ask me I mean accepted my demands to let me do some writing for him, I decided he needed some fucking edge. I like that this blog is less about music itself and more about how music affects the listener.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve struggled with issues of mental health. Disgusting sense of pride + thinking male emotion is weakness = angsty teenage upbringing.

Luckily, music was always an outlet. If I was too ashamed to express how I was feeling, it was relieving to know someone could make art out of similar depressive thoughts.

Though I hate that word. Depression. It literally means, “the action of lowering something or pressing something down.” As if you’re below some arbitrary standard for emotional well being. Well, I’m dealing with a lot of issues and I’m fucking flying high. That’s why I titled this playlist ‘Leather Wings.’

Sure, they’re not the prettiest to look at, but a bat on leather wings can fly just as well as a bird.

That’s how I like to think of it. Sure, I’ve got some issues, but in my own way, I’ll find a way to fly like everybody else. Maybe that’s a stupid fucking metaphor. Too fucking bad you can’t do anything about it.

So without further adieu, here are some tracks to help you turn whatever you’re dealing with into leather wings. They sure helped me out of some dark times.

Songs Featured:

Burn by the Cure.
My old man used to show me inappropriate rated-R movies. Called it ‘Boys’ Night.’ My favorite one was the Crow. This track was made for that movie and the scene is fire. Watch it.
How Soon is Now by the Smiths.
My favorite band. “I am human and I need to be loved, just like everybody else.” Nuff’ said.
Dead Souls by Joy Division.
Story time! My grandfather kicked the bucket. My aunt flew in. I was supposed to pick her up from the airport. I took a nap and was 3 hours late. This song played as I sped 100 mph, and I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was alive.
Killing Moon.
Echo and the Bunnymen are criminally underrated.
Mistaken for Strangers by the National and Got Nuffin by Spoon
They fill opposite roles. The first is for when you think your friends don’t understand you. You’re fucking wrong, but whatever. The second is for when you stop being an idiot and figure out they’re the only people who care about your sorry ass.
U Said by Lil Peep.
Sometimes, life gets fucked up. That, dear reader, is why we get fucked up.*
*Moosic Discovery does not officially condone drug use. But we do unofficially.
Handful by Bakar.
Sometimes, sex can complicate mental health. She’s a handful for sure.

Then we finish how we started. But this time, you can start cheering the fuck up.

Atmosphere by Joy Division.
“Endless Talking, Life Rebuilding.” Rebuild your life.
There Is A Light That Never Goes Out by the Smiths.
One of my favorite songs of all time. Get out of your head and feel alive again. Also, the most appropriate quarantine song possible. BONUS POINTS.
Boys Don’t Cry (Acoustic) by The Cure.
The last time I saw my grandfather, I knew it was the last time. And I didn’t cry in the hospital room. I didn’t cry when I walked past a family who just gained a new baby while I lost a grandfather. But when I got to my car, I cried. Boys do cry. Don’t be a dumb fuck.

And lastly,

Bizarre Love Triangle by New Order. 

What the fuck? That’s not a sad boy song! And you said you liked Joy Division, not New Order.

Well, suck my dick. It’s my playlist. And the main lesson I’ve learned is sometimes you need to listen to somebody else’s music to get out of your own stupid head. When the lead singer of Joy Division killed himself, the band moved on and became New Order.
On the day of my grandfather’s funeral, I told everyone I knew to leave me alone. I wanted to sit alone in my room and lock myself in a prison of bad thoughts.
One of my friends was too fucking stupid to follow simple instructions. His name was Jose Pyrex. Somehow, he snuck into my gated community and told me he was outside at 1 in the morning.
I went into his car reluctantly and he just made fun of me like he would any other fucking Tuesday. And we listened to one of our favorite songs, Bizarre Love Triangle. He saved my life. And here I am, two years later writing for his shitty blog. This one goes out to you. Thanks for helping me find my leather wings, you dirty bastard.

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