As we’re all stuck inside during these crazy times, I’m sure we all feel pressure to learn a new skill, work out, or somehow become extremely productive. However, what we are all living through is a completely unprecedented time. All societal norms should be stripped away and thrown out the window. There is nothing to base what we should be doing with our free time because nothing of this magnitude has happened since 1918. How can there be any expectations of us to be productive when the world has gone to absolute shit?

Regardless of social media posts telling you to glow up or be your best self by taking advantage of our current situation, I think we can all agree that what “influencers” are preaching is much easier said than done. What I’m trying to say is that there are absolutely no right or wrong ways to internally deal with this crazy situation. Try to disregard all of the external pressure and do your best to bring yourself to ease, however that may be.

For me, I’ve found peace in journaling, writing, and painting. I know that many of us want to use this time to express our creativity, however, I also understand that it can be really difficult to gain inspiration when we’re living in such a stressful time. Personally, whether it be painting, writing, or journaling, the right music always helps me to unwind and get the creative juices flowing.

This playlist sets the mood for a cozy, rainy day in when there’s nothing left to do but relax and create something new. That’s how I’ve been trying to think of this whole pandemic at least, just as a really long rainy day, that will eventually pass. Until then, let this playlist help you unwind and hopefully inspire you to create.

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